Office Contracts:

1) In 2009 a full review of all vendor service contracts was completed, at which point contracts were cancelled or re-negotiated resulting in a reduction in redundancies and savings to the taxpayers of $20,000+ per year.

2) In entering new contracts since and including all procurement purchases the office continually works to lower costs above and beyond the expectations of the Comptroller’s oversight, to include purchases made off state contract when a lower price can be found – again saving the taxpayer’s money.


1) The office continues to strive to be the best state office, period. Continually doing more with less in regards to staffing. Anne Arundel County continues to grow due to various factors (BRAC, etc), while the office maintains a relatively small staff compared to other Register of Wills offices of the same classification.

2) The office payroll structure now, as compared to when I was first elected, is less top-heavy with greater compensation to the general staff, and overall lower cost, while still maintaining an excellent level of public service (our overall survey percentage for 2013 was 99.34% satisfaction).