A Modern Office

I’ve brought the office into the 21st century and continue to incorporate technology as it evolves. My goal is to use technology to improve overall satisfaction in the function of our office for all members of the public.

— Improvements in Technology to Date: —

* Ensured that all scanned paperwork is current to the minute available on our electronic kiosks as soon as we process the documents.

* Scanned historic records dating back to 1875 and ensured that all historical documents are available on our electronic kiosks.

* Participated in a project instituting an online case search to retrieve case information and request copies of paperwork or full estates including certification of documents.

* Participated in a project providing an up-to-date website providing forms and publications as well as access to our estate search.

* Participated in a project providing legal notices on the Register of Wills website.

* Participated in a project to allow credit card payments online and in-person.

* Provided an email address for every staff member.

* Provided voicemail for every staff member.

* Presided over a project to provide a wide variety of office-specific computer-driven tools available to the staff members to increase efficiency and availability.

* Instituted an electronic front desk management system driven by helpful people – no recordings, prompts, or queues. You’ll always get a person.

* Staff members are well-trained and computer-savvy guaranteeing increased efficiency and virtually no wait times.

* Instituted a knowledge base for my staff to guarantee the most adept staff to serve the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

— Plans for the Future: —

* Participating in a project to allow for e-filing of estates.

* Expanding the e-learning project to ensure the most effective staff.

* Presiding over a project to create a knowledge base so my staff has the most current information at their fingertips at all times.